BIOSKY – is an energy-information bioresonance corrector of physical and energetic well-being of a human. It consists of six photonic crystals in the shape of energy cards:


  • BIOSKY red

  • BIOSKY violet

  • BIOSKY yellow

  • BIOSKY white

  • BIOSKY blue

  • BIOSKY green


BIOSKY photonic crystals are a complex multi-layer bulk structure made of special metals alloys and dielectric materials. BIOSKY is a reliable super high frequency(SHF) converter that converts background SHF radiation into large electromagnetic field with the frequency in the range of the biological activity of the water containing structures and circular polarization of right hand rotation, which beneficially affects biological objects and humans. The shapes of the resonant structures and the characteristics of the photonic crystal materials are calculated and formed based on the interaction of the electromagnetic fields with biological objects, water structures and chirality proper to all flesh.


BIOSKY serves to:


  • neutralize the impact of unfavorable energy flows (negative torsional fields (Hartman-Wilson nets, Curry nets, geopathic zones, etc.);

  • structure the water;

  • restore the esthetic body (aura) after negative energy-informational impacts: evil eye, curses etc.

  • eliminate blockages in energy-informational structures of human (meridians, chakras, central channels, etc.)


Any color crystal from the BIOSKY set can be used to protect you from harmful electromagnetic radiation and treat water. To balance the meridians and restore the energy in the organism it is recommended to use the set of six BIOSKY crystals. It is allowed to use the crystals separately to balance the meridians of your choice. BIOSKY crystals are active from both sides and do not require a power source.


As a result of BIOSKY application you will achieve:


  • restoration of energy-information field of a human;

  • improvement of indicators of vital systems and organs of the physical body;

  • stabilization of psycho-emotional well-being of a person.


After application of BIOSKY crystals for one-two months you will feel a surge of strength, a good mood, and gain mental and physical health.

Regular application of BIOSKY allows to maintain the norm of your health, laid down by nature and launch the process of self-healing, protect yourself from unwanted impacts.



BIOSKY photonic crystals neutralize harmful electromagnetic radiations, as well as unfavorable energy flows (negative torsional fields, Hartman-Wilson nets, Curry nets, geopathic zones, etc.)

A person is exposed to electromagnetic radiation always and everywhere, and the degree of pollution is growing rapidly. At the same time, harmful radiation tends to accumulate in the human body, which over time leads to serious consequences.


Sources of electromagnetic radiations


Sources of electromagnetic radiations are geopathic zones, atmospheric electricity, industrial installations, radars, radio navigation, television and radio broadcasting, cellular communications, household appliances, internal electrical networks in homes.


Impact of electromagnetic fields on human health


Numerous studies in the field of biological effect of electromagnetic fields have identified the most sensitive body systems: nervous, immune, endocrine, reproductive. Especially sensitive to electromagnetic fields are children, pregnant women, people with disorders in the cardiovascular, hormonal, nervous, and immune systems. The effects of electromagnetic radiation on humans are very fatal: sleep disturbance; memory impairment; a tendency to develop stress reactions and depression; pulse instability and blood pressure; increased risk of cancer; decreased reproductive function; immune system suppression; aggravation of the course of the infectious process; negative impact on fetal development, especially in the early stages, etc.


BIOSKY application method to protect yourself from electromagnetic fields

To neutralize harmful electromagnetic fields one of the BIOSKY photonic crystals should be carried with you constantly, changing its location every once in a while and avoiding its long-time location in the heart zone. Also it is recommended to carry BIOSKY in the cell phone case. During sleep it is recommended to place the crystal with its flat side to a person at 30-40 cm from the body.




BIOSKY photonic crystals significantly improve water properties: they structure, eliminate negative information, decrease the redox potential (RP) of the water.


Water, treated by BIOSKY protects the organism from free radicals, restore the immunity, gives organism additional energy, is a source of vital forces and longevity, stimulates plants growth.


In the foods treated by BIOSKY the energy imbalance is eliminated, negative information is removed, and the taste of foods changes for the better. Products acquire properties that promote the elimination of toxins, free radicals, heavy metals from the body.


Application method to treat water and foods

There are used non-metallic containers are used for treatment, under which one of the BIOSKY photonic crystals is located. The minimum treatment time for water solutions of up to 3 liters is 30 minutes, and 15 minutes for foods. Water maintains properties on average 24 hours after treatment.


It is recommended to drink several glasses of structured water between meals, making its total volume excluding other beverages up to 1,5-2 liters.


For seed germination, abundant plant growth and yield it is recommended to water plants with BIOSKY-treated water.




In traditional eastern medicine, energy channels are commonly called meridians, through which vital energy circulates between organs and systems.

In the human body, there are 12 main channels (meridians) that are paired. Energy channels (meridians) are a unified system that reflects the pathological picture of the state of the organism during illness and actively perceives all the impacts of the external environment.

Correspondence of BIOSKY photonic crystals to the meridians


To balance 12 meridians there is used a set of BIOSKY photonic crystals. The set includes 6 crystals. Each crystal regulated one of 6 paired meridians. It is allowed to use the crystals separately to balance certain meridians.


  • BIOSKY RED – ‘three heaters-pericardium’ meridian.

  • BIOSKY VIOLET – ‘heart-small intestine’ meridian.

  • BIOSKY YELLOW – ‘stomach-spleen’ meridian.

  • BIOSKY WHITE – ‘lungs-large intestine’ meridian.

  • BIOSKY BLUE – ‘kidneys-urinary bladder’ meridian.

  • BIOSKY GREEN – ‘liver-gall bladder’ meridian.

  • BIOSKY red photonic crystal


BIOSKY red photonic crystal

‘Three heaters-pericardium’ meridian


- coordinates the activitiy of all internal organs, eliminates energy imbalance between the organs;

- affects the endocrine and nervous system;

- affects the activity of intelligence, helps to normalize the processes of the brain;

- regulates psycho-emotional activity;

- regulates the emotional sphere of a sexual nature;

- is a conductor of innate energy.


Balancing the ‘three heaters-pericardium’ meridian is recommended:


- in the presence of diseases of the nervous and endocrine systems;

- with deterioration in well-being in the absence of obvious reasons and clinical manifestations;

- for those who experience a decrease in sexual desire, disorders in the sexual sphere;

- with regular headaches;

- in case of psychoemotional disorders: tearfulness, emotional outbursts, irritability, moodiness, aggression;

- if you get tired quickly, you feel lack of energy;

- for the development of intelligence.


BIOSKY violet photonic crystal 

‘Heart-small intestine’ meridian


- regulates the work of heart and small intestine;

- provides normal regulation of blood circulation in organs and tissues;

- regulates higher nervous activity (consciousness, thinking, emotions);

- regulates sweating;

- affects the process of digestion and absorption of nutrients, absorbency of food;

- due to the regulation of the small intestine, it supports healthy immunity.


Balancing the ‘heart-small intestine’ meridian is recommended:


- with pathologies of the cardiovascular system;

- to preserve the ‘vital forces’;

- with an increase or decrease in blood pressure;

- if you experience chest pain; palpitations, dizziness, shortness of breath;

- with swelling of legs, ankles or feet, swelling in zone of neck and face;

- in case of fatigue;

- if you have complaints on muscle spasms, cramps, tired legs;

- in case of increased sweating;

- with neuropsychiatric diseases;

- with pathologies of the small intestine;

- if you experience pain in the navel and lower abdomen, nausea, weakness;

- with constipation or diarrhea;

- in case of impaired digestion;

- in case of viral, bacterial, parasitic lesions;

- to improve the functioning of the immune system.


BIOSKY yellow photonic crystal

‘Stomach-spleen’ meridian


- regulates the work of stomach, pancreas and spleen;

- affects the lymphatic system;

- affects muscles and adipose tissue;

- provides high-quality digestion and nutrients intake;

- improving pancreatic function affects lipid metabolism and insulin production;

- affects the endocrine system;

- regulates the work of the spleen, which is responsible for filtering blood and lymph, formation of lymphocytes (immune cells that help people fight viral and bacterial infections), production of antibodies (responsible for the readiness of our body to fight infections); during pregnancy the spleen becomes the main blood-creating organ for the formation of the fetus.


Balancing the ‘stomach-spleen’ meridian is recommended:


- with diseases of the stomach and pancreas;

- if you experience pain in the epigastric region, if you have nausea, decreased appetite, a feeling of fullness in the stomach, spreading pains in the pancreas;

- with constipation or diarrhea;

- in case of impaired digestion;

- with enlargement or injuries of the spleen (pain in the left side of the body);

- with diabetes;

- in case of impaired muscle function, muscle stiffness syndrome, weakness;

- with pathologies of the lymphatic system;

- to improve the functioning of the immune system.


BIOSKY white photonic crystal

‘Lungs-large intestine’ meridian


- regulates the work of the respiratory system and large intestine;

- controls the circulation of vital forces and fluids (body juices) in the body, controls breathing;

- supports respiratory energy in the body;

- affects the upper respiratory tract (nasopharynx, larynx) and lower respiratory tract (trachea, bronchi and lungs);

- affects the process of saturation of blood with oxygen;

- supports motor function of the large intestine.


Balancing the ‘lungs-large intestine’ meridian is recommended:


- with pathologies of the respiratory system;

- with various pulmonary diseases;

- in chronic or acute inflammatory processes in the nasopharynx, bronchi, trachea, lungs;

- with various pathologies of the large intestine: functional disorders of large intestine, dysmotility, digestive problems, inflammations;

- if you are tormented by gas, spastic pains, intestinal colic or dull aching pains in the intestine;

- in case of defecation disorder.


BIOSKY blue photonic crystal

‘Kidneys-urinary bladder' meridian


- regulates the work of kidneys, adrenal glands, endocrine glands, bone system, brain and spinal cord;

- affects the processes of consciousness and thinking;

- affects central nervous system and endocrine system;

- through the energy channel of kidneys, with the help of BIOSKY it is possible to control and realize the hereditary energy, which is the ‘primary life essence of the body’;

- supports reproductive function, normal course of pregnancy and delivery;

- affects sexual function;

- affects the normal course of the menopause;

- affects the development of bone tissue and bone marrow;

- regulates water and mineral metabolism.


Balancing the ‘kidneys-urinary bladder’ meridian is recommended:


- to maintain the innate vital energy;

- with pathologies of the central nervous system;

- with pathologies of endocrine, bone, urogenital systems;

- with the defective memory, slow thinking, to improve brain function;

- with lethargy, total fatigue, lack of initiative;

- with pathologies of kidneys, adrenal glands, endocrine glands, brain and spinal cord;

- in the presence of chronic inflammatory processes of the genitourinary system;

- with the formation of stones in the kidneys or bladder;

- if you suffer from edema;

- for men in case of decreased potency, chronic prostatitis, prostate adenoma;

- for women with gynecological problems;

- to maintain sexual energy;

- for impregnation and child bearing.


BIOSKY green photonic crystal

‘Liver-gall bladder’ meridian


- regulates the work of liver, gall bladder, tendons and ligaments;

- regulates blood circulation (blood distribution in the internal organs);

- enhances detoxification function;

- affects the function of the nervous system;

- affects the function of digestion and intestine;

- regulates the bile flow.


Balancing the ‘liver-gall bladder’ meridian is recommended:


- with pathological processes in liver and gall bladder;

- with mental disturbances;

- to strengthen tendons and ligaments;

- with bile flow disturbance;

- if you experience dull aching pains in the projection of gall bladder



(6 crystals: red, violet, yellow, white, blue, green)


Balancing 6 paired meridians is recommended:


- to eliminate energy imbalance;

- to maintain vital forces;

- for resistance to viral, bacterial and parasitic diseases;

- for strong immunity;

- with autoimmune diseases, immunodeficiency, allergic reactions;

- to strengthen the nervous system;

- to regulate the endocrine system;

- with mental and psychosomatic disorders;

- with depressive disorders, stress;

- with pathologies of the cardiovascular system;

- to maintain the musculoskeletal system;

- with problems of the genitourinary system;

- to maintain respiratory energy;

- if vitality is weakened, energy is lost;

- during a period of increased physical, mental and emotional stress;

- in the third age;

- for any chronic diseases.

Application method for balancing the energy channels (meridians)


To balance each meridian it is recommended to use two identical BIOSKY photonic crystals corresponding to a needed meridian.

1. Place one crystal under the left foot and the other in the right palm for 5 minutes.

2. Change the position of the crystals, that is put the first crystal under the right foot and the second one in the left palm for 5 minutes.

3. Put one crystal under the coccyx (sacral Muladhara-chakra), and put the second one in the zone of forehead (frontal Ajna-chakra) or in the neck zone (throat Vishuddha-chakra) for 5 minutes.

It is recommended to repeat the procedures p.1 and p.2 in the morning and evening and p.3 is advisable to repeat sever times during the day. The number of days is not limited, according to your well-being.




In order to extend the period of use, it is prohibited to subject BIOSKY crystal to mechanical influences, immersion in liquids and sudden temperature changes. In case of slight ingress of water, wipe it with a dry cloth. With careful handling of the crystal, the period of its use is unlimited.