The software is necessary to create medical complexes and to load the created complexes into the Biomedis Trinity device and into the Actiway device. The Biomedis Trinity device is programmed using a PC and the Biomedis_M_Air Software package installed on a PC. Microsoft.NET_Framework_4 is necessary for the software to work.


Attention! For Windows users: it is necessary to add the installation directory of the program to the list of antivirus exceptions! If this is not done, the antivirus may destroy the executable file of the program. The path to the program directory can be viewed in the shortcut properties. Add the Biomedis_M_Air_4 folder to the exclusion list.


The path to the application directory: C:\Users\USER_NAME\AppData\Local\Programs\BiomedisMAir4\


If the antivirus has already deleted the program file, and the program does not start (an error is generated at startup, and the program does not open), then you need to download the archive from the link below BiomedisMAir4 Start Window Program and unpack it in "Program folder\assets". Then you should add the folder with the program to the list of antivirus exceptions.


Software for LapTop for Biomedis Trinity and Actiway (Trinity PRO does not connect to a laptop and does not have the ability to create and edit complexes):







The Basic complexes for Biomedis Trinity in English (the downloaded file cannot be opened, you only need to download, unpack and import into the Software for LapTop):





Firmware of the Biomedis Trinity device (only for technical specialists):




Software for BRIS Expres Test (does not work without the BRIS device connected to the laptop):